How much should you be running?


By now, we are all aware of the benefits of running. Allowing us the pathway to a healthier mind and body, running is a low-cost, low-energy form of exercise that anybody can find joy and comfort in. Studies have shown that people who run on a daily basis are happier, healthier, and outlive the average lifespan by upwards of 2 years.

And while there is no question of whether or not you should run, there is a question as to how much you should be running. The beauty of running is that, no pun intended, that it is a marathon rather than a sprint.

Running will not show results immediately, but they will be extraordinary.

The verdict

For beginners, experts state that a half mile is a good jumping off point, one half of that which should be spent running. In order to get the maximum effect out of cardiovascular exercise, one must work the heart to a larger degree than in everyday life.

A quarter mile run, which can occur at any point during the journey is what physicians estimate is the minimum time needed to be spent running in order to get the heart and lungs performing at full capacity.

The idea is to go up from there in quarter mile increments or until five miles is achieved. Of course, running for as long and as hard as your body will allow is the end goal, it is important to remember that moving up in increments is the best way to yield results and stay within your limitations.

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