Music therapy and its powerful message


Music therapy is a relatively new concept, sort of. While it has long been documented that music has therapeutic benefits, think of the phrase “music tames the wild beast”, it is only now being viewed through a more objective, medical lens. Music is the getaway for many individuals, and even those who aren’t music fans get away from it all while listening to a song from time time time.

Because of this, more institutions have poured money into research regarding the benefits of music therapy for a number of conditions. For instance, music has been proven to help children with autism and other developmental disorders.

When music therapy is played for autistic children, it has been shown that they do a better job of staying calm and collected. In short, music has been shown to be able to do what nothing else has.

In addition to the calming effect

Music and art in other forms have been proven to increase creativity and the development of motor skills. Connecting with the world around us through the use of our cognitive functions is regarded as one of the best ways to aid minds that are not developing “regularly” as the result of many disorders.

The hope is that music therapy will allow doctors and therapists to aid children with developmental disorders as well a adults with dementia and other mental ailment. More research needs to be done in order to gauge the long-term benefits of music therapy, but preliminary research shows that its benefits for mental disorders is second to none.


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