Stop smoking now


Let’s face it, this wouldn’t be a health and wellness blog unless we covered the issue of smoking. Affecting millions, perhaps billions of people across the world, smoking is one of the largest risks to health today.

Second-hand smoke aside, the effects of smoking, from the carcinogens to the downright poisons present in cigarettes is well documented. Even smokers know this, so why are so many people still doing it?

As someone that has quit, I can attest to the fact that it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and it took every fiber of my being to do so.

The problem is

Not with people and their lack of will power. Although this does play a role, it is unfair to ask people to just “cowboy up” and quit smoking. The problem is more closely related to the price of quitting mechanisms.

Companies know that they have smokers right where they want them, and so they can essentially charge whatever they want for tools needed to quit. And while some of these are effective, others are not so much.

What needs to happen is for these products to become cheaper and more effective so that the price is so staggeringly low that smokers can’t even justify buying cigarettes. I mean, what is the point of paying the same price for inhalers, e-cigarettes, and other largely untested products that may not even work?

Make these cheaper, and you give smokers that want nothing more to quit a much more viable way of doing so.

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