The harm of Processed Foods


By now, it’s common knowledge to most people that processed foods are bad for both people and the environment. They are often presented with flashy packaging that takes up landfill space because it is not often recyclable.

But they sure are tasty aren’t they? One of the main reasons for this is they are often laden with chemicals that give them an addictive quality. Couple this with the fact that they often aren’t very filling, and you start to see the big picture.

So what should we do?

The easiest answer is to stop eating processed foods. And while it is a good and viable answer, of course it will not be an option for everyone. But what we can do, even if we still eat processed foods is look at the packaging that they come in.

Packaging is often a marketing tool used to sell more products. This is unavoidable, as everyone, even processed food companies are entitled to their ability to make money.

However, what we can do as consumers is look at the amount of packaging and make the right decision. Buy processed foods with less packaging, and preferably packaging that is recycled or biodegradable.

Is that it?

Of course not. There are a number of factors that go into living a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet. Looking at packaging and how much of it necessary is just one of the first steps in being a mindful consumer.

Of course, ideally, you will probably want to work on limiting your consumption of processed foods altogether.

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