An overview of health psychology


In some circles, there is a thought pattern that separates the mind from the body, psychology from medicine, the two parts of humanity become conflicted with one another, causing a heated debate as to which part should be more heavily paid attention to. However, in other circles, such as the one that I agree with those that focus on health psyhology, believe that both of these elements of health are more closely related than we could ever imagine.

Think of it this way, the mind and the body are both parts of overall health. Psychology plays a large in role in how we not only feel physical ailments, but also how we perceive them. Because of this, there is more to the argument than simply separating the two.

The overall takeaway

Is that health psychology is an important way to interpret the way in which we handle our physical and mental health. We must believe that there is little separation from the mind and the body, and that one directly affects the other. In order to understand how one works, we need to understand how the other works.

In realizing that the brain and the body are incredibly interconnected, we can begin to understand that nursing one, we can begin to help the other heal. This school of thought is an important way to drive innovation and begin to understand how humans work. Our emotional state affects how the body feels pain, and there is little debate that the mind and the body are different.


Peace through understanding


As humans, one of the toughest things to grapple with is why we are here and how we make the most of our time. If you boil it down to the basics, we have to accept the fact that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and learn how to serve the community as well as hang onto our sanity.

For many, this is through charity work, their job, meditation, their relationships with others, or something else. The fact is, we all have this duality, where we are ourselves, but we are also part of humanity. So how do we achieve the goal of inner peace, while also knowing that we live in a hectic world?

The answer

Is that there is no answer. There is no way that we can know for sure why we are here and what we should do during our short time on this earth. What we can do is paint a picture that allows us to understand that there are some things we can change, and others that we cannot.

By understanding that everyone is going through the same struggle, we can begin to better understand ourselves. We must realize that the bigger picture is what matters, humanity if you will. And that we are all playing our role as best we can. Once we can let go of our individual self and embrace humanity, we become closer to understanding just why we are here.