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Repairing what is broken


When it comes to local infrastructure, there is a certain grade of quality that must be met. In order to keep the city running at maximum capacity, we must understand that repairs need to be made and that local companies need to step up to the plate. I learned about all of this while talking to a colleague at a local asphalt Oakland company, one that handles repairs in the city.

He helped me understand that whether we are repairing the human body or the city, both are essential to the way in which the city operates. The people must be healthy, and the city must be health as well. In order to do this, we need to take advantage of all of the resources we have been given and make the most of local businesses.

Working together

Working together means much more than just using what we have been given, but also means connecting with people from all areas of business in order to achieve the highest result. In today’s world it is just as much about who you know as it is about what you know. Each business has its own unique area of expertise, and in order to fulfill our obligations to the city, we must all take advantage of these.

For more than two decades, the company has been a part of the way we do business and the way the city operates. Timely repairs must be made in order to keep people safe and show the world that the city is much more than the people in it. By working together, we can achieve the highest level of success, combining asphalt repair with physical therapy in order to keep the people and the city healthy. Join us as we enter a new age where people and the city can live as one.

How much should you be running?


By now, we are all aware of the benefits of running. Allowing us the pathway to a healthier mind and body, running is a low-cost, low-energy form of exercise that anybody can find joy and comfort in. Studies have shown that people who run on a daily basis are happier, healthier, and outlive the average lifespan by upwards of 2 years.

And while there is no question of whether or not you should run, there is a question as to how much you should be running. The beauty of running is that, no pun intended, that it is a marathon rather than a sprint.

Running will not show results immediately, but they will be extraordinary.

The verdict

For beginners, experts state that a half mile is a good jumping off point, one half of that which should be spent running. In order to get the maximum effect out of cardiovascular exercise, one must work the heart to a larger degree than in everyday life.

A quarter mile run, which can occur at any point during the journey is what physicians estimate is the minimum time needed to be spent running in order to get the heart and lungs performing at full capacity.

The idea is to go up from there in quarter mile increments or until five miles is achieved. Of course, running for as long and as hard as your body will allow is the end goal, it is important to remember that moving up in increments is the best way to yield results and stay within your limitations.

The hardships of physical therapy


Anybody that has had a severe injury knows that the road to recovery is a long and arduous one. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about physical therapy is knowing that the body will never be the same. In health terms, bones, muscles, and joints will heal but something is lost in their overall integrity.

Physical therapy is often a process that leads to a number of emotionally draining effects. Simply not being able to do what you were once able can cause depression, which is why physical therapists understand that the process must be approached delicately.

Here we will attempt to help people through this difficult time with a few basic tips.

Always remember

That physical therapy is not a short process. Recovering from physical trauma is one of the most difficult things for the body to do, so understand that staying vigilant is of the utmost importance. One of the main concerns for those undertaking physical therapy is wondering whether or not they will actually recover. Understanding that the process should be taken one step at a time is the key to maintaining a positive attitude during the process.

Also remember that outlook is extremely important during this time. The worst thing one can do for recovery is become hopeless. The fact is that the body will recover, but it will take a great deal of work and dedication.

A good physical therapist will help you through every step of the process and understands that what you are feeling is perfectly natural. With the help of an experienced physical therapist and with the right outlook, you can once again become your old self.

Music therapy and its powerful message


Music therapy is a relatively new concept, sort of. While it has long been documented that music has therapeutic benefits, think of the phrase “music tames the wild beast”, it is only now being viewed through a more objective, medical lens. Music is the getaway for many individuals, and even those who aren’t music fans get away from it all while listening to a song from time time time.

Because of this, more institutions have poured money into research regarding the benefits of music therapy for a number of conditions. For instance, music has been proven to help children with autism and other developmental disorders.

When music therapy is played for autistic children, it has been shown that they do a better job of staying calm and collected. In short, music has been shown to be able to do what nothing else has.

In addition to the calming effect

Music and art in other forms have been proven to increase creativity and the development of motor skills. Connecting with the world around us through the use of our cognitive functions is regarded as one of the best ways to aid minds that are not developing “regularly” as the result of many disorders.

The hope is that music therapy will allow doctors and therapists to aid children with developmental disorders as well a adults with dementia and other mental ailment. More research needs to be done in order to gauge the long-term benefits of music therapy, but preliminary research shows that its benefits for mental disorders is second to none.